Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why should we choose to be blindfolded by strangers adorning the garb of virtue???

Ok Mr. V. S achuthanandan- trust me your cause to stand in favour of ban on endosulfan is good. But I think it's more of a gimmick.
Afterall, did you not ask for an all party delegation from Kerala to visit the Stockholm convention in geneva? Im sorry, but i did not realize that a picnic was on the cards. While we are at it- why dont you tell us your choice of world class airlines, hotel and the menu???
Also you expect me to believe that you care for the victims of endosulfan even when once upon a time you passed lewd remarks against major unnikrishnan and his family? Ah well, i should not be overtly critical here. Right? You might say that those poor people who were the victims of endosulfan didnt bring it on themselves whereas the major attracted danger by entering the service. RIGHT???Not to forget- did you organise an exhibition of paintings as a prelude to your program? yeah well maybe thats a great way to raise money rather than knowledge about the perils of the substance.