Saturday, July 26, 2008

A conversation

knocking: u know puma, at one point i really thought i figured you out
and then you put up this bitchy scoundrel who wouldn't mind mouthing fuck alls without reason,
this made me go numb and still, even now am putting as non insultingly as i can
cuz i fear your mindless aggression
i simply dont understand why i was , (more than one made the poor victim of your lambasting
Sent at 12:34 AM on Saturday
Anupama: ok cool it. I DIDN'T MEAN IT. and thats the way i am. i get mad at people cause i can without meaning it or without meaning to hurt them. thinking that they will take me for a bitch without getting hurt. I AM SORRY
knocking: civilized people, specially like you who are supposedly into such a noble profession tend to use their diction to mudsling friends
Anupama: hunh?
knocking: but not to such horrendous proportions
Anupama: i hope we are solved and lets make a truce i don want to start a new fight
knocking: well
i dont want to start wither
Anupama: good
but I'm sorry
i was messed up badly
knocking: but like the bloke i am , i have this rather irritating habit of poking my nose everywhere, and anywhere i think my friends need my advise/help
Anupama: yes they do
and thats not a bad habit
knocking: and i do think, Puma i should know why
why did it all happen
what was on your mind then?
Anupama: nothing just crap
i was mad at everyone
knocking: frustrated ?
academic pressure?
Anupama: no mad. like i was going crazy. like i still am. but with this internship i hardly get any time so i'm sober and also alone so thats keeping me cool
knocking: hee
Anupama: living through it isn't as interesting as it sounds
and don u hehehe. im serious
knocking: living through what?
Anupama: my craziness
knocking: their must be some specific reason.
for your craziness
Anupama: not really
u can say life
knocking: well, i guess i got one antidote
here's how it works
Anupama: ?
knocking: for the craziness thing
u go, start your laptop/pc/dvd player and watch your fav movie
it helps
tried and tested
Anupama: i tried
it works rarely
knocking: Anu, i seriously hope you didnt get into some kinda dope during your "crazy" time
Anupama: i was about to
but my doping buddies refused to share it with me
knocking: wow
Anupama: so i get high on drinks
knocking: you talked about it to your parents ?
Anupama: and my parents found out
knocking: about the craziness or about your dope buddies?
Anupama: about my drinking habit
and about my craziness
knocking: hmm
hope it wasn't unpleasant
Anupama: well them finding out bout my drinking habit wasn't as unpleasant as my acts of crazyness
recently they removed all latches of my room
room's door and all
knocking: oops
Anupama: lol
yeah but since the past three weeks i've been in del
knocking: so it seems they were understanding
Anupama: and now ill go straight to hostel
so it ll be ok i guess
knocking: hmm
Puma, tell me , whats your dope ?
Anupama: love
nothing can beat it

knocking: well Anu love is surely the biggest dope, for it works like an elixir for some , and a catastrophe for some
Tolstoy said
" the magic of first love is our foolishness in believing that it can never end "
Anupama:but then again nothing lasts forevetr
knocking: yp
Anupama: except for sadness
knocking: hmm
thats precisely the point
moving on
i asked ,
whats your poison?
Anupama: as in/.
knocking: ur fav wine/beer/ alcohol
Anupama: i don even care about the name, once im having it, im done only when i forget which one i had had
knocking: thats pretty bad way of consuming liquor
but then to each his own
Anupama: lol, i know
knocking: u seem like such a wreak
Anupama: i am . seriously
knocking: but then Anu have you ever felt like taking professional help?
Anupama: yes
but ive given up on it now
knocking: r u ?
Anupama: no i never consulted anyone, but i don think anyone can help me
knocking: u r being foolish
Anupama: im serious
life is a screw up-you cannot figure it out. its a dillusion so no one can help anyone out
knocking: sweety thats what happens when you stop believeing in the concept of god, and think listening to Rock is giving instant Nirvana
ANu , dont crapp all over your life
you have been a wonderfull person all this while
Anupama: how do u know im an aetheist? and i don listen to rock all that much. i prefer blues now
knocking: why giving it alll up?
what i mean is
you dont wanna help yourself
Anupama: no one wins in life. everyone is a loser in the end
knocking: when you know your life is in a rut
Anupama: its not
knocking: yaieks
thats a shipwreak speaking
but then its your life