Monday, February 25, 2008


“There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft.

When you kill a man, you steal a life, You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.”

These few lines seem to be the most sacrosanct and pure utterance; the most blissful thought to have ever hit the face of earth.

But even as I use the word sacrosanct, I’m confused about its existence. What is sacrosanct? God? Humans? Or the faith that they show in the almighty?
The highest praise bestowed on humans is by emulating their existence with that of god.

Who is god?
Most of us define him as a supernatural power which exists as a support; even as a guiding light.
If this is true, then it means that he is flawless. Devoid of any sin.

There are millions in this world of billions who pay heed to him every second of their merciless life. Ones who pray to him endlessly, to bestow his glory on their respective lives, even if for just once. Are these prayers always answered?
If the answer to this question is always in the affirmative, then how do you explain the existence of atheists? Are they individuals who were born with disbelief, are they the ones who can only be born to atheists?

Then, what follows from this, is the fact that atheists too were believers who were let down not once, not twice, but time and over again.
If god is considered a parent who is trying to teach his children about varied aspects of life, then why does he compel his children to touch such extremes of disdain, humiliation and disappointment that they not only loose faith in self but in almighty too?
Do parents and teachers make a maniac of their wards while teaching them lessons of life; do they too, like god, force their children to drift away ?
The answer is in the negative.
Does this mean that humans are better teachers than god? Is god’s plan a defective one? Is he himself as human and as capable of sin- of letting people down, as humans are?

The underlying fact is that atheists exist.

If almighty is as kind and giving as he is supposed to be, then why does he force any of his subjects into submission to a phase where everything is dark, where they loose all trust in him.

A tough situation as an excuse of a test is one thing, but when repeated time and over again, without momentary relief is another. And that’s exactly why individuals turn into atheists. They are forced into a situation which is no different than the latter case.

Theists often use the excuse of “paying for sins” when it comes to unfairness in life situations.

I ask:
“What of those who are born on the streets and die there?
What wrong would you hold them guilty of, if they are compelled to rob in order to sustain life?
Do all their sins overcome the sin of god for not answering their prayers?”

The theists, smile and reply:
“it is their past sin, the sin of previous birth, that brings them to their present life.”

Can I ask once more?
“people might be re-born, but with re-birth, does god recreate the same individual, with the same mind? A person with the same thought process? If not, then how do you explain misfortune to one of good deeds?”

The greatest sin is theft.
To each widow, god is the thief;
To each atheist, he is the liar;
And to each man on the street, he is the cheat.


surjit said...

Hello Anupma Gupta,
Thanks for visiting my blog.You are asking very valid questions in your post.(These are in line with your tender age.)
In nutshell, I would say that please don't Question His administration.As Lord Krishna advised Arujna to do his duties only and leave its fruits to Him.
I won't write anything more than that.
God bless.

Sophiagurl said...

Hi dear, you are right your post was the exact opposite of mine=). But you know I went through the same phase and asked the very same questions. Probably made accusations and yup also felt doubtful that He could deliver.

But you know what (well this is not something I want to force on you) He does deliver and more. Once we free our hearts and minds of our cynicisms and our doubts...He comes. Don't rush it.
God bless you dear!

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

To do without thinking about the consequences would be inhuman and utopian. i know the saying seems heady and powerful but alas, Lord Krishna could not grant us limited brains. Probably he could have done better only if he produced machines and not humans.

I'm glad to know that all the questions and ponderings did you good.
I'm waiting for my turn. I think theres still a while.

Juhi said...

I went on from being a firm believer to being a Non-believer to being Agnostic! And rite nw m on my path of discovering myself.
The post was a huge relief as I realised I am not the only one who asks these questions.
And trust me,they may not help us in finding out whether HE exists or not but they definitely help us in finding out where do we exist!

Gr8 Work! :)

PoisOn CoAtEd ELiXir said...

yes, thats a good way of dealing with it-thiking in the direction you do.
but my dying faith has consumed my optimism too!

I'm unable to get to your blog.